Singing Karaoke in JICA entertainment room

What’s an amazing !!! in JICA International Center there is a room for all student to release their stress through out Karaoke. More than 1000 songs range from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian.

These songs below are sing by me and ma two friends, Norbu from Bhutan and Mei Jie from China. Let’s check them out!!!

I Want It That Way – Bandith feat. Norbu


Mei Jie – sings in his language which I don’t know.


All out of Love – Bandith


2 thoughts on “Singing Karaoke in JICA entertainment room

  1. Yaheee…. អូ!!!…អួតគេហ្នឹងចាំបាច់ទាល់តាសម្លេងពិរោះដូចម៉ៃឃើលចាក់សុនអី បានផុសអួតអត់បាន?? ធើបានដូចគេអត់ហ្នឹងបានហ៊ានផាគេហ្នឹង អាអូនតូច??? ទាត់បាក់ឆ្អឹងលូវ 😛

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