Attending the Workshop on NGN/IP Technologies, Nha Trang, VN 14-17/Dec/2010

From 14 to 17 December 2010 I have to attend the workshop of NGN/IP technologies. It is held at Nha Trang, the beautiful beach province of Vietnam.  So I missed two things, FE test1 and TM unprogress test 2. Hope some guys help on recall the exam question back.

My flight is from PP to Prey Norkor( I rarely called Ho Chi Minh City. I called it Prey Norkor, Khmer Krom former land.) then from Prey Norkor to Nha Trang. It’s a long wait there in Prey Norkor airport, for 6 hours. I felt pity of the former land after checking some information on Khmer Krom history on the website and many other of them, while waiting, there is violence of human right of our former people. How about Khmer Krom becoming an Independence country which is apart of the main land Cambodia? , is the question always arise in my brain not even today but since I happened to know what is this and what is that….

Mekong Delta a place where Khmer Krom were still violent (from the plane view)

Well, as mentioned in the title of the post, the workshop is about NGN/IP technologies. What is NGN? it comes to a long story of telecommunication. NGN stand for Next Generation Network. It the technology base on IP or I can called All-in-One/Open Network for all kind of service including voice, data,… at the speed of excellent.
The workshop is aim to:

  • Have a good understanding on the policy, regulatory, technical and business issues and concerns that policy makers, regulators and service providers will have to face, including organizational changes needed for NGN migration;
  • Examine the different strategies possible for fixed incumbents, mobile operators and new market entrants to prepare for NGN migration;
  • Explore the different models of establishing Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) including some country case studies.

More info at:

Nha Trang beach from the rooftop view of hotel

Pool view of one hotel

Cambodian Participants

Group photo

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